Indicate Hakkun's state in-game (idea)

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Ideas for implementation:

  • Add a suffix to Hakkun's name
  • Change its name's color
Milk		normal
Milk [>]	running
Milk [Zz..]	sleeping
Milk [@]	waiting for events
Milk [!]	handling an event
// Case for discerning between waiting for events and handling an event:
// > someone activated a game with a chat message some time ago and now is back at Hakkun's place
// After coming back she tries to write "game" and nothing happens, she doesn't know if it's waiting for events at the top level, or is some event now being handled.
crab.onChat('game', () => {
    crab.say('Guess who I am!');
    var identity = crab.waitForChat();
    // ...

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