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What is necessary to start the 8x9Craft

If you want to start the 8x9Craft, then you need to install the PC version Minecraft and MinecraftForge.

The PC version Minecraft has several kinds. Please check your Minecraft from bellow table.

supported vesrion of each the Maincraft

Title Supported PC 8x9Craft
Minecraft Java Edition Windows/Mac OK
Minecraft Poket Edition Android/iOS/Windows Phone/Kinndle Fire NO
Minecraft PlayStation Vita/3/4 Edition PlayStation Vita/3/4 NO
Minecraft Wii U Edition Wii U NO
Minecraft Xbox 360/One Edition Xbox 360/One NO
Minecraft Windows10 Edition Windows 10 NO
Minecraft Education Edition Windows 10/Mac NO

Although it makes a table like this, if you explain it straightforwardly, your Minecraft has to supported of the Minecraft Forge.

Installing MinecraftForge

The MinecraftForge is a software which can use the mod for the Minecraft. If you install it, the version is called The MinecraftForge will add to your Minecraft. So you can start the MinecraftForge from your Minecraft Launcher.

You can download the MinecraftForge from the following site


If you open the site, you can select some version of MinecraftForge.


the MinecraftForge is separated by the version of Minecraft. However 8x9Craft can support only 1.12.1 Therefor please download the 1.12.1 of MinecraftForge.

and, you can select some type of file

Download Type

We have test in the Recommended version. so please select the Recommended version. and if you use the WindowsPC then Should select the "installer-win", otherwise select the "installer"

[Forge download]

maybe you see the following figure like, but this is Ads, Please take care for the don't click the Ads, if you wait a sec then you can select the skip button on top right.


Please click the skip button and start to the download

The downloaded file is can start to install to click in case of WindowsPC.

but maybe otherwise can't start the installer. because the installer is the executable java archives. if you can't start the installer then you have to install the java runtime. Please download from the following site. this is Java download site of oracle.

[Java runtime]

if you start the installer of Minecraftforge, you can see the following figure like.


you have to install the client. please check are you select the client. Please click the next button. then You finish the install.

Please launch your Minecraft for a check. You should be able to see the Forge version of Minecraft in Launch options tab.


Download 8x9Craft

If you have installed the MinecraftForge then you are ready to install the 8x9Craft

Next step is the download of 8x9Craft.

[to the download page]

Installing 8x9Craft

If you have downloaded the 8x9Craft and next step is install the 8x9Craft. the 8x9Craft install is same of general other mods. That is mean of you do to put the downloaded the 8x9Craft file to the mods folder.


but maybe the almost player has not know where is the mod folder, so Let's I explain you where is their folder.

The first step, Please show the launch option of Minecraft launcher.


and please select the title of Forge.(maybe does has the possible of the diffrent name it)


You can see the screen like the mod folder is appear in this directory.

Check the folder and put the file there. but default folder is shared from other versions also. It is not good for MinecraftForge. because Almost mods have special blocks. If you save the world then maybe break the other world. so you have better to change the other directory.


Setup is finish.

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