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Commands are divided into two groups: one dealing with writing a program and another where commands manipulate a crab directly.


With those commands you can program a crab inside Minecraft. Each player can write her or his own program line by line and execute it pointing at a crab and running command /js run.

Command signature Description
/js [line] [code] Insert a line of JavaScript code into current program at a given line number.
/js clear Clear current program.
/js files Display player's file list.
/js list Display contents of current program.
/js load [filename] Load contents of a given file into current program.
/js renum Renumber current program's lines.
/js run Run current program.
/js eval
/js runall Run current program on all player's crabs.
/js save [filename] Save current program to a given file.
/js stop Stop execution of crab's program.
/js stopall Stop execution of all crabs programs.


Managing crabs

Command signature Description
/crab list Display a list of your crabs living in the world.
/crab name [name] Give a particular name to the crab.
/crab creative [on or off] Change the mode to creative. Under the creative mode you can place blocks without them being taken from the crab's inventory.

Moving a crab

Command signature Description
/crab back Move the crab back.
/crab down Move the crab down.
/crab forward Move the crab forward.
/crab move Move the crab if it's standing in the way.
/crab stepLeft Move the crab left.
/crab stepRight Move the crab right.
/crab turnLeft Make the crab turn left.
/crab turnRight Make the crab turn right.
/crab up Move the crab up.


Command signature Description
/crab delhome [home name] Remove a named position.
/crab here [crab name] Teleport the crab with a given name onto the block pointed at by the player.
/crab home [home name] Teleport the crab pointed at by the player to the position saved under the given name.
/crab sethome [home name] Save the position that the player is looking at under the given name.
/crab listhome Display a list with all saved positions.

Interacting with the world

Command signature Description
/crab dig Make the crab dig.
/crab digUp
/crab digDown
/crab inspect Inspect the block in front of the crab.
/crab place [slot] Place the item at the given slot in the crab's inventory in front of the crab.